I told you so…

{November 6, 2008}   Pres secretery says Obama doesnt have a clue…

sorce http://www.cleveland.com/us-politics/index.ssf/2008/11/white_house_very_concerned_abo.html

hmm yep we should be worried


White House press secretary Dana Perino warned Thursday that the administration is “very concerned” about the threat of a terror attack during the transition or the early weeks of the Obama administration.

“That is something that we’re very concerned about,” Perino said. “We’ve seen that in other countries — Spain, obviously, had that terrible bombing.”

Perino said that “we know that Al Qaeda and others try to test a new administration,” echoing Vice President-elect Joe Biden, who caught flack for a similar statement on the campaign trail.

Perino added that the Bush administration is “determined” to make sure that “we overlap in terms of our understanding and capabilities so that … when we hand the baton over to the Obama team, that they have that full range of capabilities and also all the knowledge that they need to help continue to keep us safe.”

“I don’t know of anything specific,” she added, “but we do know that this is just a heightened period of concern.”


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