I told you so…

{November 13, 2008}   Obama full of himself

He talks and talks and talks

huh the same guy who wont reveal his video and conections to aires and the other known terorist, the guy that wont open his books of his campain to see were he got all his money from

he want to open the books of the government hahahahah

lololo neve gona happan

FEC want to audit mccain but obama…

hmm why not simple\

Why would they want to audit Obama? The biggest fundraising operation in political history, infused with hundreds of millions of dollars from contributors whose names the campaign refuses to reveal, dependent upon a donation mechanism whose security measures were suspiciously and inexplicably disabled, and accused by reputable publications of having looked the other way at fraudulent donations that would have been detected immediately with cursory oversight.

Aside from that, I mean, why would they want to audit him?

The punchline? It’s because he’s rolling in dough that they’re less inclined to check him out.


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